A Follow-Up to the National Prayer Breakfast

Ben Carson took our country by storm in February of 2013 when he stood less than ten feet away from President Obama and spoke boldly against the ills of Obamacare. He spoke truth at the National Prayer Breakfast – and America listened as Ben Carson’s name spread like wildfire among Conservatives. Now, Ben Carson is joining the fight to keep our country from falling apart and speaking out about the danger of our times. 
Carson has a strong warning for fellow citizens – our country is facing grave dangers – and it is imperative we respond by returning to the principles that made America great. 


One year after his powerful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, and following over 3 million YouTube views, our nation continues to decline. Today, the danger is greater than ever before. And the message of this book is more urgent and timely for such a time as this. Carson says what we know to be true – our founding fathers never intended our country to take on out-of-control debt and abandon their morals along the way. 

Carson wants Americans to know – they are facing many important decisions. Our poor political decisions are tearing down our education system at the same time Obamacare threatens our health, liberty, and financial future. In today’s climate people are overly sensitive, paranoid and so worried they are politically correct to a fault. The liberal media continues to distort reality and present the news with a tremendously liberal political agenda. 

We can’t just sit back and hope someone rises to take action. In the words of Ben Carson: “But with your help, I firmly believe that America may once again be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

You won’t want to miss this just-released book! Find out what the man who rose out of poverty and into the top one percent as a highly educated and leading brain surgeon has to say to get America back on track! 



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