North Carolina Bans Creeping Islam

The Foxhole

It’s a shame we even have to do this. Our Constitution is based on the principle of a Democratic Republic, not a gutter theocracy rife with zealotry and violence. This is what it’s come to; states have to protect this country from muzzie vermin, even if the current regime in D.C. would rather kiss their ass.


This past week North Carolina joined 6 others states in prohibiting it’s state judges from considering Islamic law in their court rooms.

Those who support this new bill say it’s important to protect the U.S legal system from foreign laws that have nothing to do with the U.S constitution.

An Islamic spokesperson, Jibril Hough said, “The intent behind this law is bigoted and it is intended to alienate the Muslim community,”

Given your track record, I certainly hope so, raghead.

The states that have passed this law a long with North…

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