Iraq Crumbling Under ‘Peaceful Religion’ of Islam, Obama Plans Airstrikes

The Foxhole

The muzzie terrorist group ISIS has taken over a major dam, is persecuting Christians and has pretty much kicked the ass of the Iraqi surrender monkeys whom we trained to fend for themselves, so now Obama wants to hurl a few airstrikes. That’ll scare ’em.

They’ve also declared that they will “raise the flag of allah in the White House”.

Considering B. Hussein is one of the biggestDhimmis on the planet, that fucking arab flag has already been hoisted up the pole.

The terrorist threat is already here.    The way the State Department and DHS handle our internal national security is a fucking joke.

They don’t have to take flying lessons and crash hijacked planes into buildings anymore. They can simply waltz right across our borders. Our country is being invaded by a horde of  illegal criminal vermin with terrorists mixed in for good measure, and…

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